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At Illuminated Art, candle making is an art form. Instead of being simple and plain accents our Sculpture Candles are unique visual centerpieces that draw attention and conversation.


The Sculpture Candles in our Geometric Hands series all exude a certain sense of mystery. Human and geometric forms combine together to create images that are both mystical and fantastical. Innately classical yet contemporary and stylish, our Sculpture Candles are unique decorative highlights for today's modern living spaces.

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Sculpture Candles



1.  Candles as Decorative Art

2.  Visually Unique Decor

3.  Artisan Handcrafted

     Each candle is Hand Poured and Hand Finished


4.  Made from 100% Natural Waxes -

     Premium blend of Soy and Beeswax


5.  Candles are Large and Substantial (16oz - 24oz)


6.  Removable Wicks -

     Allows product to be displayed as a decor art piece


7.  Each candle's finish is Individually Unique


8.  Special Metallic Finish -

     Imparts the look of sculpted and worked metal


9.  Well Packaged and Gift Ready upon arrival -

     Premium gift box, matches, and packaging


10.  Proudly American Made



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